Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama - PC Fails to Distinguish Radicals vs Rest of Islam

The President and a number of his leftist supporters believe it is politically incorrect to identify terrorists as radical or extremist Muslims for fear that all of Islam will be tainted and punished for the sins of a few. (see HERE and HERE and HERE)

While their intent maybe admirable, what the Left doesn't get, and as is often the case with liberalism, their political correctness inadvertently causes the very thing they hoped to avoid. Clear and repeated differentiation is critical to preventing confusion and conflation. Political correctness removes the clear differentiation, thus contributing to the confusion and conflation.

This is particularly pertinent since many terrorist organizations unequivocally identify themselves as Muslims (I though liberals were very big into identity politics? Is this another double standard?) and do their horrid act in the name of their religion. No rational and aware person on the planet would deny their Islamic religious affiliations regardless how distorted they may be. Their religion is an obvious and important factor in their behavior.

So, it isn't as if by not mentioning their obvious faith it will somehow make their faith not so.

Instead, it merely serves to blur lines and co-mingle the guilty with the innocent, and encourage counterproductive generalizing and unwanted broad strokes.

What will it take for the Left to wise up?

My buddy, Loran, posed some relevant questions. He asked: "What 'backlash against Muslims? Muslims as a class? Where? When? Who?"

I responded: "Good question, Loran. As you may have observed, efforts have been underway for some time to position Muslims as a victim class, with the hope of garnering and justifying special treatment. Ironically following the lead of homosexuals, Muslim leaders and sympathizers have been promoting the myth of "Islamophobia," while conveniently ignoring the far more pervasive anti-Israeli sentiment among Muslims. What they don't understand is they victimize Muslims by unwarrantedly putting them in a victim box.The backlash is the self-imposed stigma and debilitation of victimhood." (see HERE)

I went on to note: "Granted, there are anecdotes that people can point to as evidence of a backlash, such as Trump's recent announcement, Republican resistance to Syrian refugees, profiling, vandalism of Mosques, and trends in sentiments towards Muslims--of course mis-characterized by mainstream media using false and incendiary labels." (see HERE and HERE)

And, while hate crimes are up against Muslims in the U.S. (see HERE), though they peaked under Obama in 2010 (see HERE), this needs to be put into perspective. There were 135 anti-Muslim incidents as compared with 625 against Jews, 653 against whites, and 1,856 against Blacks. None of the anti-Muslim incidents resulted in death, but most involved simple assault and intimidation. (see HERE and HERE) The rate of hate crimes against Muslims is statistically insignificant, and vary by state, disproportionately higher in red or Democrat states. (see HERE)

Compare this to the San Bernardino attack by Muslims against Americans, where 14 people were killed and 21 people were seriously injured, which was far less than planned given the bombs that failed to exp[lode. (see HERE)

And, who can forget the carnage and thousands of death on 9/11. (see HERE)

All of this pales in comparison to Muslim-on-Muslim crimes, as witnessed to by the many century-old conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims. (see HERE)

In short, what little 'backlash' may occur, it is largely self-imposed, and is dwarfed by the front-lash between warring Muslim factions. 200,000 deaths from the Syrian Civil war alone, and this does include the 1.4 million, or 1/4th the Syrian population who have been displaced from their homes. (see HERE)

See additional memes HERE

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